Infrared spectra of C70 and its alkali salts

G. Klupp, F. Borondics, Z. Gillay, K. Kamarás, L. Forró

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The mid-IR transmission spectra of C70, M3C70, M4C70 (where M = K and Rb) in inert atmosphere and their air exposed form were measured. Most of the vibrational modes soften with charge, except for a stiffening in the 795 cm-1 mode. We found the 1430 cm-1 peak to be a good indicator of molecular charge, giving a 13 cm-1 shift per electron, in agreement with calculations. M4C70 decomposes on air into M3C70, and M3C70 into C70. The temperature dependence of the spectra of Rb4C70 was also investigated, but no phase transition was seen between 77 K and 360 K.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)117-124
Number of pages8
Issue number1-2
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2001
Event4th International Conference on Low Energy Electrodynamics in Solids (LESS-4) - Pecs, Hungary
Duration: Jun 21 1999Jun 25 1999


  • Fullerenes
  • Infrared

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    Klupp, G., Borondics, F., Gillay, Z., Kamarás, K., & Forró, L. (2001). Infrared spectra of C70 and its alkali salts. Ferroelectrics, 249(1-2), 117-124.