Information content driven model for virtual engineering space

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Engineering practice is increasingly relied upon virtual technologies. Recent virtual solutions ensure integration of all engineering activities using system level computer representation of complex multidisciplinary engineering product. The authors have provided research results in developing strategies for leading engineering virtual technology, for more than twenty years. They analyzed paradigm shifts on the way to present virtual engineering systems and organized their work around their formerly published concept of Virtual Engineering Space (VES). These were preliminaries of the reported work in this paper. New method is introduced for structuring and representation of active driving knowledge content background (KCB) in engineering model. The purpose of KCB is to drive entity generation in the KCB extended industrial engineering model of a product system. This paper introduces handling contextual initiatives and the application of them to define KCB structure for the generation of self-adaptive generic objects explaining role and structure of information content, as well as, the related model driving mechanism. Appropriately organized and configured engineering models offer a means for integration of engineering model based industrial, research and higher education applications in common VES. Recent industrial professional engineering modeling systems offer capabilities for implementation of KCB and application relevant configuration, of modeling capabilities for disciplines and human roles.

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  • Knowledge content background
  • Multipurpose virtual engineering space
  • Self-adaptive product object model
  • System level product model
  • Virtual engineering space

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