Influence of tooth errors and shaft misalignments on loaded tooth contact in cylindrical worm gears

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The influence of tooth errors and shaft misalignments on loaded tooth contact in different types of cylindrical worm gears is investigated. The geometry and kinematics of worm gears based on the generation of gear teeth by a hob is presented. A method for loaded tooth contact analysis of such worm gear pairs is developed. The method includes the determination of contact lines in fully conjugated worm gears with theoretical line contact, the determination of path of contact, potential contact lines and separations of mating teeth surfaces along these contact lines in modified worm gears with theoretical point contact, and the calculation of load distribution and transmission errors for different types of modified and non-modified worm gears. A computer program based on the theoretical background presented has been developed. Using this program the influence of tooth errors and shaft misalignments of mating members on tooth contact is investigated and discussed.

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JournalMechanism and Machine Theory
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Publication statusPublished - Jun 1 2006



  • Cylindrical worm gears
  • Load distribution
  • Shaft misalignments
  • Tooth errors
  • Transmission errors

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