Influence of indomethacin on the haemodynamic effects of lipopolysaccharide in rats

Z. Fatehi-Hassanabad, B. Muller, R. Andriantsitohaina, B. L. Furman, J. R. Parratt, J. C. Stoclet

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This study was undertaken to evaluate the influence of the cyclooxygenase inhibitor indomethacin on the time course of the haemodynamic effects of lipopolysaccharide (LPS) intravenous infusion (10 mg·kg-1·h-1) in anaesthetized rats. LPS infusion produced a rapid (within 10 min) and prolonged (over the 90 min observation period) fall in mean arterial blood pressure (MABP) and a decrease in the presser responses to noradrenaline (NA, 0.1, 0.3 and 1 μg·kg-1, intravenously [iv]) elicited 60 and 90 min after the onset of LPS infusion. Indomethacin (7 mg·kg-1 iv 30 min prior to the onset of saline or LPS infusion), which by itself did not affect basal MABP nor reactivity to NA in control rats, significantly attenuated the fall in MABP(observed within 20 min after the onset of LPS infusion (but did not significantly modify the hypotension observed between 30 and 90 min). Indomethacin also completely prevented the hyporeactivity to NA observed 60 min after the onset of LPS infusion, but it did so only partially at 90 min. Aortic rings removed from LPS or LPS + indomethacin-treated rats showed an identical profile of contractile reactivity (hyporesponsiveness to NA, relaxation to L-arginine, and restoration of the contractile response by methylene blue)). These results suggest that in this model, cyclooxygenase products are involved in the early haemodynamic effects of LPS. However, they do not seem to play an obligatory role in the onset of longer term haemodynamic changes.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)258-263
Number of pages6
JournalFundamental and Clinical Pharmacology
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 1996


  • Arterial blood pressure
  • Cyclooxygenase
  • Endotoxin
  • Indomethacin
  • Vascular reactivity

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