Der einfluss der fütterung auf die mast- und schlachtleistung bei jungbullen der rassen ungarisches grauvieh und holstein friesian

Translated title of the contribution: Influence of feeding on fattening performance and carcass quality of young Hungarian Grey and Holstein Friesian bulls

Gabriella Holló, Karin Nürnberg, János Seregi, István Holló, Imre Repa, Kaus Ender

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The aim of this study was to analyse the effect of nutrition, genotype and nutrition x genotype interaction on growth performance and carcass quality using Hungarian Grey cattle bulls (HG) in comparison to Holstein Friesian bulls (HF) kept under extensive and intensive conditions. In groups extensive and intensive days on feed lasted for 221 and 201, respectively. Higher relative growth rate was recorded in Hungarian Grey than Holstein Friesian in extensively fed group and higher final weights were recorded in intensive groups compared to extensive groups. Differences between genotypes were not different. Carcass weight and length, amount of perinephric and trimmed fat were higher in intensive groups as well. Higher lean meat content in carcass was measured in Hungarian Grey breed. For treatments extensive and intensive means were 71,0 % and 67,5%, respectively. The ratio of bone in carcass varied in line with the four feet percentage and weight. Similarly to the ratio of perinephric and trimmed fat, the amount of fat in carcass was lower in extensively fed groups, which proves the varied effect of different feeding. The tissue composition of carcass can be analysed by Computer-Tomography (CT) - examination of prime rib samples. These results are more representative as the EUROP-classification of evaluation for carcass quality. Findings reveal that considerations on the utilization of the native HG breed on development of novel beef cattle production systems especially on roughage-based diets seems to be justified.

Original languageGerman
Pages (from-to)313-323
Number of pages11
JournalArchiv fur Tierzucht
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Sep 1 2004



  • Carcass quality
  • Extensive/intensive nutrition
  • Growth performance
  • Holstein Friesian
  • Hungarian Grey

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