Influence of crop rotation, liming and green manuring on soil properties and yields

A. Spoljar, I. Kisic, M. Birkas, J. Gunjaca, I. Kvaternjak

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Influence of crops grown in crop treatments (maize, oats, clover-grass mixture - CGM and lupine) with the application of combined organic and mineral fertilisation and liming on some mechanical, physical and chemical characteristics of mollic gleysol was studied. Two calculation models were designed for statistical data processing (model 1 - without comparison with the control; model 2 - comparison with the control). The highest increase of soil air capacity was recorded in the second crop rotation field and after maize and CGM. The best soil compaction status was recorded after lupine. Using model 1, significantly higher value of soil reaction measured in water was determined in the third year compared to the first year as well as of the degree of base saturation of the adsorption complex in the second compared to the first year according to both models. Increased humus contents were generally found in most fields under lupine and CGM, but without significant differences. Using model 1, significantly higher soil total nitrogen was determined in the last two years compared to the first year, and using model 2 in the third year compared to the first year. The highest increase in available phosphorus and potassium occurred after lupine, and total nitrogen and humus after CGM. Maize grain yield was uniform without significant differences while oat grain yield failed in the last year. Yields of CGM hay and lupine grain were not uniform. The obtained, mainly favourable, results of the long-term crop rotation trial speak in favour of applying combined fertilisation, liming and production by crop rotation including legumes.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)54-69
Number of pages16
JournalJournal of Environmental Protection and Ecology
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - May 2 2011



  • Crop rotation
  • Green manuring
  • Liming
  • Soil properties

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