Induced sputum analysis: Step by step

Zsoka Weiszhar, Ildiko Horvath

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Sputum induction is a relatively non-invasive mode of airway sampling that provides an opportunity for analysis of cellular components and infective agents, including bacteria and viruses, together with fluid-phase constituents. Both induction and processing of sputum samples are standardised and several manuals are available to help to educate professionals to perform the technique to the highest standard [36]. Using this standardised technique, the results are reproducible and comparable between different laboratories. Detailed studies on methodological issues provided enough evidence for standardisation and careful use of the methodology enabled the field to develop rapidly from a research tool to a useful clinical test. Eosinophil differential count in induced sputum is a recommended, evidence-based mode of assessing airway inflammation in asthma and its use is incorporated into the relevant guidelines.

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Publication statusPublished - Jun 1 2013

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