Induced L2-norm minimization of glucose-insulin system for Type I diabetic patients

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Using induced L2-norm minimization, a robust controller was developed for insulin delivery in Type I diabetic patients. The high-complexity nonlinear diabetic patient Sorensen-model was considered and Linear Parameter Varying methodology was used to develop open-loop model and robust H controller. Considering the normoglycaemic set point (81.1mg/dL), a polytopic set was created over the physiologic boundaries of the glucose-insulin interaction of the Sorensen-model. In this way, Linear Parameter Varying model formalism was defined. The robust control was developed considering input and output multiplicative uncertainties with two additional uncertainties from those used in the literature: sensor noise and worst-case design for meal disturbance (60g carbohydrate). Simulation scenario on large meal absorption illustrates the applicability of the robust LPV control technique, while patient variability is tested with real data taken from the SPRINT clinical protocol on ICU patients.

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JournalComputer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine
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Publication statusPublished - May 1 2011


  • ICU
  • LPV
  • Robust control
  • Type I diabetes
  • Uncertainty

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