Ciprofloxacin-tej interakció in vitro vizsgálata LC-MS módszerrel

Translated title of the contribution: In vitro studies on ciprofloxacin-milk interaction using LC-MS methode

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As fluoroquinolone antibiotics are known to interact with foods containing multivalent ions, dairy products represent a risk for less than optimal absorption of them. A number of studies give evidence that fluoroquinolones forming slightly soluble complexes with metal ions of foods show reduced bioavailability. Our aim was to investigate the in vitro dissolution profile of a marketed ciprofloxacin (CPFX) containing tablet in aqueous and low fat milky mediums. For our experiments three various pH values were chosen to represent the circumstances of the gastrointestinal tract. Solid phase extraction (SPE) sample preparation followed by high performance liquid chromatography coupled mass spectrometry (LC-MS) technique was used to determine the amount of free CPFX. According to our results the presence of milk decreases the amount of bioavailable CPFX.

Original languageHungarian
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JournalActa pharmaceutica Hungarica
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Apr 26 2007


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