A laparoscopos készségek in vitro fejlesztése.

Translated title of the contribution: [In vitro development of laparoscopic skills].

Veronika Gödri, Tamás Haidegger, György Saftics, József Sándor, György Wéber

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Minimally invasive surgery is a popular alternative to open surgical procedures. Laparoscopic surgeries require highly skilled surgeons with solid theoretical background and significant amount of practice. Pelvitrainers or simulators provide a good opportunity for practicing and developing laparoscopic skills. Laparoscopic training of medical students of the Semmelweis University is performed at the Institute of Experimental Surgery and Surgical Techniques on Apollo pelvitrainers. The trainer, the performed exercises and the time limits have to be validated by several measurements. Statistical evaluation of the results provides a possibility for the numerical evaluation of surgical skills as well as validating the usability of the pelvitrainer. In our study we tested the peg transfer exercise in pelvitrainers on four groups with different surgical background and level of expertise, complete novices (50 persons), medical students (326 persons), surgical residents (15), and experienced surgeons (4), respectively. A time limit of 240 s was defined for novices and 100 s for professionals. During the evaluation of the results the average time and the number of errors were calculated. The mean completion time of amateurs was 365.7 ± 130 s (mean ± standard deviation), with 2.57 errors. The performance of medical students was characterized by 159.3 ± 61.1 s average time with 1.21 errors, the completion time of residents was 257.9 ± 75.7 s with 1.13 error points, and 117.2 ± 29.1 s for the surgeons. These data show significant differences between the group, except between the results of medical students and surgeons. We plan to extend this study with the inclusion of more, experienced surgeons.

Original languageHungarian
Pages (from-to)212-217
Number of pages6
JournalMagyar sebészet
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Aug 2012


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