A statinterápia fontos célpontja: ischaemiás cerebrovascularis esemény.

Translated title of the contribution: Important aim of statin therapy: ischemic cardiovascular event (stroke)

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Statin's treatment clearly is authorized in prevention of coronary heart disease (CHD). According to the results of many studies and meta-analyses statins can inhibit the first cerebrovascular infarct (stroke). The greater the decrease of LDL-cholesterol level the more prominent the efficacy. The effect is not so robust compared to coronary vessels moreover clear pleiotropic (cholesterol independent) action takes also part. It has been nowadays revealed that high dose (80 mg) atorvastatin can confine first time the development of recurrence stroke (SPARCL study), which is an important fact in the field of secondary prevention.

Translated title of the contributionImportant aim of statin therapy: ischemic cardiovascular event (stroke)
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JournalIdeggyógyászati szemle
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Publication statusPublished - Jul 30 2008

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