Immunotoxic Effects of MPT-IP Containing 60% Methylparathion in Mice

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The effects of a single large and repeated small doses of MPT-IP (the industrial product used to produce Wofatox EC 50) containing 60% methylparathion, on the humoral and cellular immunoreactivity of CFLP mice were investigated. Administration of a single LD50/2 dose 3 d prior to immunization caused a 40% increase in the number of splenic PFC on the 5th day but no significant increase in serum antibody titre on the 7th day after immunization. Treatment for 4 weeks with an LD50/40 dose resulted in a 100% increase in splenic PFC, also not associated with a change in serum antibody titre. Under the same conditions and LD50/20 dose had no effect on these parameters. Neither the single large nor the repeated small doses had any effect on the intensity or time course of a DTH reaction. The results show that MPT-IP has an immunotoxic potential in mice under certain experimental conditions.

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JournalHuman & Experimental Toxicology
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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1992

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