Naše první výsledky léčby metastatického karcinomu prsu ifosfamidem a paclitaxelem při recidivě po antracyclinu

Translated title of the contribution: Ifosfamide and paclitaxel treatment in metastatic breast cancer, relapsed after antracycline treatment: Our first results

M. V. Dank, M. Szûcs, M. Csepreghy, B. Piḱo, E. K. Makó

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle


Combination chemotherapy plays an important role in the treatment of breast cancer. Administration of them like adjuvant setting can prolong the disease free and overall survival. Both ifosfamide and paclitaxel are able to produce objective tumor response in this disease. The combination of them is a new schedule in the management of advanced breast cancer. 13 patients relapsed after antracyclin based adjuvant or first line chemotherapy recieved this combination. Treatment consisted of 135 mg/m2 paclitaxel on day 1, followed by 1700 mg/m2 ifosfamide on days 2-4. The combination was well tolerated. One complete and five partial responses resulted. Due to their different mechanisms of action and their distinct non-hematological toxicity profiles, the combination of ifosfamide and paclitaxel seems to be an attractive option in the management of metastatic breast cancer.

Original languageCzech
Pages (from-to)174-176
Number of pages3
JournalKlinicka Onkologie
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - Nov 14 2001


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