Identification of four alcohol oxidases from methylotrophic yeasts

Béla Szamecz, Gabriella Urbán, Roger Rubiera, Judit Kucsera, László Dorgai

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Three yeast strains capable of utilizing methanol as sole carbon and energy source were isolated. Two were classified as Candida boidinii, while the third belonged in the genus Pichia. From these three strains, four alcohol oxidases genes were identified and the sequences of the coding regions were determined: one from each Candida boidinii (aox0673 and aox0680) and two from Pichia sp. 159 (aoxA and aoxB). Methanol induces both alcohol oxidases in Pichia sp. 159: the levels of aoxA and aoxB mRNA reach about 100% and 300%, respectively, of that of his4 mRNA. aoxA, but not aoxB, is expressed at a low level in the presence of glucose. The newly described alcohol oxidases have proper dinucleotide binding sites and PTS1-like C-terminal tripeptides, identified as important elements for peroxisomal localization. GenBank Accession Nos: Candida boidinii 0673 partial rDNA, AY791700; Candida boidinii 0680 partial rDNA, AY791694; Pichia sp. 159 partial rDNA, AY791699; aox0673, AY791698; aox0680, AY791697; aoxA, AY791695; aoxB, AY791696.

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Publication statusPublished - Jun 1 2005



  • Alcohol oxidase
  • Methylotrophic yeast

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Szamecz, B., Urbán, G., Rubiera, R., Kucsera, J., & Dorgai, L. (2005). Identification of four alcohol oxidases from methylotrophic yeasts. Yeast, 22(8), 669-676.