Historical origin of the fine structure constant: Part IV: Coronatio: Explicandi et applicandi subtilita(ti)s structurae constantis sephano rege

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Part IV of our paper on the historical (archetypal) background of the "fine structure constant" deals with the general physical and psychic world views, concealing the dynamic isomorphic meaning systems, related to Saint Stephen (Sephanus Rex) found in works of 1000 years old. Following the comparison of the representations (pre-figurations of the dynamic models) of the demonstrated background languages, we present that the author devoted himself to create a common background language of different religious courses. We intend to show that the background language (considered in general as a mapping of primordial images for "system and control" problems), was centred on his assumed proto-Cabbala, the Book of Bahir and its concealed meaning system, in close relation with the numeric archetype of 137 and the 137-type of "fine structures" within the decimal sephirotic world "controlling system" of the pleroma (the hypothesised "transcendent cyber space").

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