Heterocyclic compounds from sugars. XIV—Structure determination and conformational analysis of the four diastereoisomeric methyl 3‐Acetyl‐5,5‐dimethyl‐2‐(D‐galacto‐pentaacetoxypentyl)‐1,3‐thiazolidine‐4‐carboxylate 1‐Oxides

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1H and 13C NMR experiments were performed to analyse the conformation and stereochemistry of diastereomeric sulphoxides of 1,3‐thiazolidine derivatives. The conformation of the thiazolidine ring was verified by an NOE study. ASIS and 13C chemical shift data supported the sulphoxide configuration.

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JournalMagnetic Resonance in Chemistry
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Publication statusPublished - 1992



  • C chemical shifts
  • 1,3‐Thiazolidine ring conformation
  • ASIS
  • NOE
  • Sulphoxide configuration

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