Haemodynamic changes during positive-pressure ventilation in children

Attila Kardos, G. Vereczkey, C. Szentirmai

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Background: Positive-pressure ventilation may alter cardiac function. Our objective was to determine with the use of impedance cardiography (ICG) whether altering airway pressure modifies the central haemodynamics in mechanically ventilated children with no pulmonary pathology. Central venous saturation (ScvO2) was measured as an indicator of tissue perfusion. Methods: Twelve children between 7 and 65 months of age, requiring mechanical ventilation as a consequence of a nonpulmonary disease, were enrolled in the study. All patients had a central venous line as a part of their routine management. Using pressure controlled ventilation (PCV) the baseline PEEP value of 5 cmH2O (Pb5) was increased to 10 cmH2O (Pi10) and then to 15cmH2O (Pi15). After P i15, PEEP was decreased to 10 (Pd10) and then to 5 cmH2O (Pd5). Each time period lasted 5 min heart rate (HR), mean arterial blood pressure (MABP), central venous pressure (CVP), end-tidal carbon dioxide (ETCO2), mean airway pressure (P aw), stroke volume index (SVI), cardiac index (CI) and central venous oxygen saturation (ScvO2) were recorded at the end of the five periods. Results: The values of CI did not change when 10 and 15 cmH 2O of PEEP were applied. Elevation of PEEP and thus Paw caused slight but not significant reductions in SVI and ScvO 2 as compared to the baseline (Tb5). After reducing PEEP in Td5 we found statistically significant elevations of SVI and CI, as compared to Ti15 heart rate, ETCO2 and MABP remained unchanged. Conclusion: We did not find significant haemodynamic changes following PEEP elevation in ventilated children, as measured using impedance cardiography. Reducing the value of PEEP to 5 cmH2O resulted in statistically significant SVI elevations. The values of ScvO 2 remained unaffected.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)649-653
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JournalActa Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - May 1 2005


  • Cardiac output
  • Central venous oxygen saturation
  • Impedance cardiography
  • Mechanical ventilation
  • PEEP
  • Paediatric

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