Hadronic expansion dynamics in central Pb+Pb collisions at 158 GeV per nucleon

H. Appelshäuser, J. Bächler, S. J. Bailey, L. S. Barnby, J. Bartke, R. A. Barton, H. Białkowska, A. Billmeier, C. O. Blyth, R. Bock, C. Bormann, F. P. Brady, R. Brockmann, R. Brun, P. Bunčić, H. L. Caines, D. Cebra, G. E. Cooper, J. G. Cramer, P. CsatoJ. Dunn, V. Eckardt, F. Eckhardt, M. I. Ferguson, D. Ferenc, H. G. Fischer, D. Flierl, Z. Fodor, P. Foka, P. Freund, V. Friese, M. Fuchs, F. Gabler, J. Gal, M. Gaździcki, E. Gladysz, J. Grebieszkow, J. Günther, J. W. Harris, S. Hegyi, T. Henkel, L. A. Hill, I. Huang, H. Hümmler, G. Igo, D. Irmscher, P. Jacobs, P. G. Jones, K. Kadija, V. I. Kolesnikov, M. Kowalski, B. Lasiuk, P. Lévai, A. I. Malakhov, S. Margetis, C. Markert, G. L. Melkumov, A. Mock, J. Molnár, J. M. Nelson, M. Oldenburg, G. Odyniec, G. Palla, A. D. Panagiotou, A. Petridis, A. Piper, R. J. Porter, A. M. Poskanzer, S. Poziombka, D. J. Prindle, F. Pühlhofer, W. Rauch, J. G. Reid, R. Renfordt, W. Retyk, H. G. Ritter, D. Röhrich, C. Roland, G. Roland, H. Rudolph, A. Rybicki, A. Sandoval, H. Sann, A. Y. Semenov, E. Schäfer, D. Schmischke, N. Schmitz, S. Schönfelder, P. Seyboth, J. Seyerlein, F. Sikler, E. Skrzypczak, G. T.A. Squier, R. Stock, H. Ströbele, C. Struck, I. Szentpetery, J. Sziklai, M. Toy, T. A. Trainor, S. Trentalange, T. Ullrich, M. Vassiliou, G. Vesztergombi, D. Vranic, F. Wang, D. D. Weerasundara, S. Wenig, C. Whitten, T. Wienold, L. Wood, T. A. Yates, N. Xu, J. Zimanyi, X. Z. Zhu, R. Zybert

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Two-particle correlation functions of negative hadrons over wide phase space, and transverse mass spectra of negative hadrons and deuterons near mid-rapidity have been measured in central Pb+Pb collisions at 158 GeV per nucleon by the NA49 experiment at the CERN SPS. A novel Coulomb correction procedure for the negative two-particle correlations is employed making use of the measured oppositely charged particle correlation. Within an expanding source scenario these results are used to extract the dynamic characteristics of the hadronic source, resolving the ambiguities between the temperature and transverse expansion velocity of the source, that are unavoidable when single and two particle spectra are analysed separately. The source shape, the total duration of the source expansion, the duration of particle emission, the freeze-out temperature and the longitudinal and transverse expansion velocities are deduced.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)661-670
Number of pages10
JournalEuropean Physical Journal C
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 1998


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Appelshäuser, H., Bächler, J., Bailey, S. J., Barnby, L. S., Bartke, J., Barton, R. A., Białkowska, H., Billmeier, A., Blyth, C. O., Bock, R., Bormann, C., Brady, F. P., Brockmann, R., Brun, R., Bunčić, P., Caines, H. L., Cebra, D., Cooper, G. E., Cramer, J. G., ... Zybert, R. (1998). Hadronic expansion dynamics in central Pb+Pb collisions at 158 GeV per nucleon. European Physical Journal C, 2(4), 661-670.