GINA - A polarized neutron reflectometer at the Budapest Neutron Centre

L. Bottyán, D. G. Merkel, B. Nagy, J. Füzi, Sz Sajti, L. Deák, G. Endrczi, A. V. Petrenko, J. Major

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The setup, capabilities, and operation parameters of the neutron reflectometer GINA, the recently installed "Grazing Incidence Neutron Apparatus" at the Budapest Neutron Centre, are introduced. GINA, a dance-floor-type, constant-energy, angle-dispersive reflectometer is equipped with a 2D position-sensitive detector to study specular and off-specular scattering. Wavelength options between 3.2 and 5.7 are available for unpolarized and polarized neutrons. Spin polarization and analysis are achieved by magnetized transmission supermirrors and radio-frequency adiabatic spin flippers. As a result of vertical focusing by a five-element pyrolytic graphite monochromator, the reflected intensity from a 20 × 20 mm2 sample has been doubled. GINA is dedicated to studies of magnetic films and heterostructures, but unpolarized options for non-magnetic films, membranes, and other surfaces are also provided. Shortly after its startup, reflectivity values as low as 3 × 10-5 have been measured by the instrument. The instrument capabilities are demonstrated by a non-polarized and a polarized reflectivity experiment on a Si wafer and on a magnetic film of [ 62Ni/natNi]5 isotope-periodic layer composition. The facility is now open for the international user community. Its further development is underway establishing new sample environment options and spin analysis of off-specularly scattered radiation as well as further decreasing the background.

Original languageEnglish
Article number015112
JournalReview of Scientific Instruments
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2013

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    Bottyán, L., Merkel, D. G., Nagy, B., Füzi, J., Sajti, S., Deák, L., Endrczi, G., Petrenko, A. V., & Major, J. (2013). GINA - A polarized neutron reflectometer at the Budapest Neutron Centre. Review of Scientific Instruments, 84(1), [015112].