Geothermics of Hungary and the tectonophysics of the Pannonian Basin ' red spot'.

F. Horvath, L. Bodri, P. Ottlik

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Hungary occupies the central part of the Pannonian Basin. The geothermal field is disturbed by water circulations in the highly permeable formation of the basin fill and in the basin fill and in the regions of hydrothermally active faults of the Mesozoic carbonate basement. Because of favorable location and deep penetration of the 13 boreholes used for heat flow determination, all but one values are reliable (error less than 25%). The problem of precise thermal conductivity determination of clayey sediments has made it difficult to obtain heat flow values of higher accuracy in the basinal part of Hungary. Quite recently 14 heat flow estimates have been made using subsurface (20-200 cm) temperature records over a long period (5-15 years). Maps showing the temperatures at different depths are also available. Consideration of these three sorts of geothermal data resulted in a fairly good heat flow map for Hungary. -Authors

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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 1979


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