Lipszky János térképének (magyarország és társországai, 1804-1810) georeferálása térinformatikai alkalmazásokban

Translated title of the contribution: Georeferencing of the map of hungary by John Lipszky, in gis applications

Timár Gábor, Székely Balázs, Molnár Gábor, Biszak Sándor

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John Lipszky, officer of the cavalry, completed his map about Hungary between 1804 and 1810. According to the literature, this map was the first one about the country that has real geodetic basis and pre-defined projection system. In this work, the datum and projection parameters and their errors and the error distribution. According to our analysis, the center of the equidistant conic projection of the Lipszky map is: Φ=40°; Λ=20°30' (east of Greenwich). Because of our GIS environment, instead of the spheric datum, the Laplace 1802 ellipsoid (a=6376615 m; b=6355776 m) was chosen for the base ellipsoid. The datum shift parameters from the Laplace datum to WGS84: dX=+1513 m; dY=-94 m; dZ=+438 m. The latitude-longitude grid of the map follows accurately the grid of this projection. In contrary, the map content is shifted comparing to the modern topo graphy. This is a result of the navigational errors of the age of the map. The extreme maximum shift of the map content is almost 13 kilometers at the south-western and eastern extremities of the historical Hungary. The shift is considerably lower at the central part of the country; the accuracy of the fit is better than half kilometer throughout the present territory of Hungary.

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JournalGeodezia es Kartografia
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2006


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