Charakterystyka geochronologiczna obszarów źródłowych dla dolnopaleozoicznych utworów z NW kratonu wschodnioeuropejskiego oraz strefy Koszalin-Chojnice; datowania detrytycznych łyszczyków (K/Ar) i cyrkonów (U/Pb SHRIMP)

Translated title of the contribution: Geochronological characteristics of source areas for the Lower Palaeozoic sediments from the NW East European Craton and Koszalin-Chojnice zone; dating of detrital mica (K/Ar) and zircon (U/Pb SHRIMP)

Paweł Poprawa, Mariusz Paszkowski, Mark C. Fanning, Zoltán Pécskay, Jerzy Nawrocki, Magdalena Sikorska

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Sediments supplied during the earlymost Cambrian to the Baltic Basin from the west are characterized by the presence of detrital zircons characterized by U/Pb SHRIMP ages in a range of (1250-) 1350 to 1800 Ma, as well as K/Ar age of detrital muscovite 674.2 ± 25.4 Ma. Detrital zircons supplied to the Koszalin-Chojnice zone and Baltic Basin during the Late Ordovician and Late Silurian, respectively, have U/Pb SHRIMP characteristics similar to each other (clusters of ages: 1756-2050 Ma, 1485-1510 Ma, 974-1227 Ma, 739-805 Ma, 854-856 Ma, 559-623 Ma, 442-495 Ma). A relatively narrow range of K/Ar ages was obtained for five samples from detrital muscovites supplied to the Baltic Basin from the west during the Late Silurian (441.7 ± 16.9 to 477.7 ± 18.2 Ma). One sample revealed K/Ar age of 546.8 ± 20.9 Ma. The Baltic Basin and the Koszalin-Chojnice zone were supplied with detritus from the west by a Caledonian collision zone affected by syncollisional low grade metamorphism and composed of tectonic units of different provenance: a volcanic island arc related to Caledonian subduction, a western margin of the East European Craton and the peri-Gondwanian terranes and enclaves of the Cadomian consolidation crust.

Original languagePolish
Pages (from-to)149-164
Number of pages16
JournalPrace - Panstwowego Instytutu Geologicznego
Issue number186
Publication statusPublished - Dec 14 2006



  • Baltic Basin
  • K/Ar isotopic dating
  • Koszalin-Chojnice zone
  • Lower Palaeozoic
  • Sediment source area
  • U/Pb isotopic dating

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