Genetic epidemiology literature in Europe-an overview

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Background: Genetic epidemiology deals with the aetiology, distribution and control of disease in groups of relatives, and with inherited causes of disease in populations. The main goal of this overview, part of the collaborative study SPHERE (Strengthening Public Health Research in Europe) was to have an up-to-date, detailed summary of the available information for epidemiologists and researchers on the present status of genetic epidemiology in Europe. Methods: The PubMed literature search engine was used to recruit papers published in Europe (EU15, EU+10 and non-EU countries) in this field restricted to the time period of 1 January 1987 and 31 December 2004. Results: The number of publications increased significantly in Europe in the period analysed, however, the publication activity was restricted mainly to EU15 countries, with only sporadic papers from EU+10 countries. Research areas studied are slightly different in Europe and in the USA with a larger emphasis on cancer, mental disease and behavioural disease genetic epidemiology in Europe. Conclusion: The aim must be to develop research to support policy in this important field as is already seen in the United States.

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