GC-MS studies of thiophenes in the supercritical fluid CO2 and solvent extracts of tagetes patula L.

Szabolcs Szarka, István Gyurján, Miklós László, Éva Héthelyi, Inna N. Kuzovkina, Éva Lemberkovics, Éva Szoke

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The intact plant parts and genetically modified hairy root clone #TpA6 of Tagetes patula were extracted with supercritical fluid CO2 extraction (SFE) and a conventional solvent extraction. SFE optimization included the variation of fluid CO2 pressure, dynamic time, and the addition of methanol modifier co-solvent. The four characteristic thiophene metabolites, 5-(3-buten-1-ynyl)-2,2′-bithienyl (BBT), 2,2′:5′,2″- terthiophene (α-T), 5-(4-acetoxy-1-butynyl)-2,2′-bithienyl (BBTOAc), and 5-(3,4-diacetoxy-1-butynyl)-2,2′-bithienyl [BBT(OAc)2], were analysed by GC-MS. The proposed SFE method allowed the selective extraction of thiophenes in 60 min dynamic time with supercritical CO2 without modifier co-solvent, at 30 MPa and 40 °C. The SFE and the reference solvent extraction yielded similar results. The SFE of intact roots and flowers yielded 717 ± 31.3 and 480 ± 26.6 μg g-1 α-T, respectively, while the leaves did not contain considerable amounts of thiophenes. Remarkable amounts of BBT, BBTOAc, and BBT(OAc)2 were characteristic of the SFE of hairy root cultures.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1039-1047
Number of pages9
Issue number11-12
Publication statusPublished - Apr 28 2010


  • Acetylenic thiophenes
  • Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
  • Hairy root culture
  • Supercritical fluid CO extraction
  • Tagetes patula L.

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