Gas chromatographic analysis of aromatic, carboxylic acids in the presence of C1-C5 fatty acids and C2-C7 dicarboxylic acids esterified in aqueous solutions as the n-butyl esters

I. Molnár-Perl, V. Fábián-Vonsik, M. Pintér-Szakács

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The direct esterification and gas chromatographic analysis of aromatic carboxylic acids as n-butyl esters is described. Derivatization is performed in aqueous solution with n-butanol in the presence of sulfuric acid. The butyl esters of benzoic, phthalic, hemimellitic, trimellitic, trimesic and pyromellitic acids permit their gas chromatographic separation from each other and from fatty acids and alipatic dicarboxylic acids. At mole ratios of [H2O]/ [n-BuOH]≤0.04 the water present does not interfere with the esterification reaction. At mole ratios above 0.04 anhydrous sodium sulfate is used for binding the water, at mole ratios of [Na2SO4 anh.]/[H2O]=0.25-0.75.

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 1984



  • Esterification in aqueous solution
  • Gas chromatography
  • n-Butyl esters of aromatic polycarboxylic acids

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