Functional properties of T and B lymphocytes in cell mediated immunity

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Recent data on the characteristics and functional behaviour of T and B lymphocytes are summarized. The importance of surface markers (antigens, receptors, immunoglobulins) in the distinction of these two lymphocyte populations is stressed. Some evidence is offered to show that the equilibrium between T and B lymphocytes is one of the basic rules of normal immune reactivity. The functional characteristics of T and B lymphocytes, important in cell mediated immunity, are discussed together with the different sensitivity to mitogens, the specific and aspecific cytotoxic activity and the 'soluble factor' release of T and B lymphocytes. Adherence, mobility and motility, and the subpopulations of the lymphocytes and some results of studies on PHA sensitivity, spontaneous cytotoxicity and moving properties of human lymphocytes are reviewed.

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Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 1974

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