Functional conservation of CYCLOPS in crack entry legume Arachis hypogaea

Debapriya Rajlakshmi Das, Beatrix Horváth, Anindya Kundu, Péter Kaló, Maitrayee DasGupta

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Root nodule symbiosis in legumes is established following interaction of compatible rhizobia that activates an array of genes, commonly known as symbiotic-pathway, resulting in nodule development. In model legumes, bacterial entry mainly occurs through infection thread involving the expression of transcription factor CYCLOPS/IPD3. Here we show the functional analysis of AhCYCLOPS in Arachis hypogaea where bacteria invade roots through epidermal cracks. Exploiting significant cross-species domain conservation, trans-complementation experiments involving ectopic expression of AhCYCLOPS in transgenic hairy-roots of Medicago truncatula ipd3 mutants resulted in functional complementation of Medicago nodules. Moreover, native promoter of AhCYCLOPS was sufficient for this cross-species complementation irrespective of the different modes of infection of roots by rhizobia and nodule ontology. To unravel the role of AhCYCLOPS during ‘crack-entry’ nodulation in A. hypogaea, RNAi of AhCYCLOPS was performed which resulted in delayed nodule inception followed by drastic reduction in nodule number on transgenic hairy-roots. The infection zone of a significant number of RNAi nodules showed presence of infected cells with enlarged nucleus and rod shaped undifferentiated bacteria. Expression analysis showed downregulation of several nodulation responsible effectors endorsing the compromised condition of RNAi roots. Together, the results indicated that AhCYCLOPS plays an important role in A. hypogaea nodule development.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)232-241
Number of pages10
JournalPlant Science
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2019


  • Arachis hypogaea
  • Medicago truncatula
  • Nodulation
  • Symbiotic nitrogen fixation

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