Frontolateral keyhole craniotomy through a superciliary skin incision in children

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Introduction: In our experience, frontolateral keyhole craniotomy in children is a safe approach for an experienced neurosurgeon to use in the treatment of the tumors or arachnoid cysts of the anterior fossa and sellar regions. Technical note: The authors describe the frontolateral keyhole craniotomy, which is a modification of the generally used pterional approach. The operations were carried out through an approximately 2.5×3-cm frontolateral miniaturized craniotomy after a skin incision just above the eyebrow. We adopted this technique in pediatric neurosurgery.

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JournalChild's Nervous System
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Publication statusPublished - Nov 1 2003


  • Children
  • Frontolateral keyhole craniotomy
  • Superciliary approach
  • Surgical technique

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