(Formula presented.) Annihilation at rest into K(Formula presented.)K(Formula presented.)π0π0Annihilation at rest into K(Formula presented.)K(Formula presented.)π0π0

Crystal Barrel Collaboration

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Investigations of purely neutral final states in(Formula presented.) annihilation are possible for the first time with the Crystal Barrel detector at LEAR. The high-mass resolution for π0-mesons allows the reconstruction of K(Formula presented.)-mesons in their neutral-pion decay. Moreover, non-interacting K(Formula presented.)-mesons can be well identified by the measurement of missing energy. Annihilation into the channel K(Formula presented.) K(Formula presented.)π0π0 proceeds predominantly via the following two-body intermediate states: K1(1400)K0, K1(1270)K0,(Formula presented.),(Formula presented.)which can be identified with the h′1 (1380)-meson.

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