Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometric Determination of Total Chromium and Cr(VI) in Cigarette Ash and Smoke using Flow Injection/Hydraulic High-Pressure Sample Introduction

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Total chromium and Cr(VI) contents of cigarettes, ash, and smoke formed while burning cigarettes were determined. The determinations of chromium species were carried out according to procedures developed earlier. Cr(VI) was determined in a combined system, which involves a flow injection (FI) sorption preconcentration system, hydraulic high-pressure nebulization (HHPN) sample introduction technique, and flame atomic absorption spectrometric (FAAS) detection. The total chromium of samples in Cr(VI) form was determined in this same combined system after ashing cigarettes at 800°C [after total conversion of Cr(III) of the sample to Cr(VI)]. It was found that while burning cigarettes 0.8-1.2% of the original chromium content of the cigarettes comes to smoke in the toxic Cr(VI) form.

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