Az elso posztgenom évtized az orvostudományban

Translated title of the contribution: First decade of post-genomic era. Hopes, disappointments, new answers

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The first decade after the announcement of the draft sequence of human genome has brought spectacular advances in basic science, however, the fact that human health did not benefit that much caused disappointment, as well. In order to explore the causes of the absence of revolution in medicine, beside the extension of research strategy new conception about the role of genetics in health and disease should also be considered. In order to resolve the disappointments, the author recommends a new perspective to view the role of genetics in health and diseases. When the contribution of recent research results is evaluated not only in the original transgenerational aspect but also in developmental aspect of genetics, some questions about the genomic medicine might be clearer. This review discusses the advantage of this concept in (1) clinical interpretation of the findings of molecular technologies, (2) understanding the novel concept of gene-environment relationship, and (3) organizing the health service delivery through reasonable professional competences. The developmental aspect of genetics is suggested to consider in future research strategy, interpretation of the results, understanding the role of genes and environment in health and disease, and construction of health service delivery system in genomic medicine.

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Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 2010


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