Fine structure of the palisade zone of the rat median eminence as revealed by freeze-fracturing

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Nerve terminals in the palisade zone of the rat median eminence were investigated with freeze-fracture electron microscopy. Fracture face P of the specific terminals showed two populations of intramembranous particles (IMP): a large and a small variety. The large IMP-s often formed small irregular clusters. In nerve terminals the total number of both populations of IMP-s was considerably less than that found on P membrane faces of ependymal feet. On fracture face E of the nerve terminals, the number of IMP-s was about a quarter of that seen on fracture face P. On both fracture faces of most terminals a few small round impressions (or elevations respectively) were found which may be interpreted as broken necks of either exo- or endocytotic vesicles. Neither gap nor tight junctions occurred at lateral membranes of the specific axon terminals. Similarly, no membrane specializations were observed with freeze-fracturing on membrane areas adjacent to the basement membrane. The findings are discussed in relation to a possible exocytosis mechanism of the hypothalamic releasing and inhibiting hormones.

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JournalCell And Tissue Research
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Publication statusPublished - Aug 1 1978


  • Freeze-fracture
  • Median eminence
  • Rat

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