Far-infrared photometry and mapping of Herbig Ae/Be stars with ISO

P. Àbrahám, Ch Leinert, A. Burkert, Th Henning, D. Lemke

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Seven Herbig Ae/Be stars were observed at mid and far-infrared wavelengths with ISOPHOT, the photometer on-board the Infrared Space Observatory. At γ≤25μm, where the emission mainly arises from a compact circumstellar region, the observed spectral energy distributions can be described by power-law relationships between wavelength and flux density (Fvαv-n). The exponent of the power-law changes considerably among the stars, from n ≈ 0 for MWC 1080 to n ≈ 2.3 in the case of LkHα 234, with a typical value of around 1. Interpreting the observed power-law relationships in terms of circumstellar disks, in 5 out of 6 cases relatively shallow radial temperature distributions have to be assumed (Tαr-q where 0.37<7<0.53). At longer wavelengths the observed emission is spatially extended, and in some cases significant discrepancy with IRAS was found due to beam size effects. The peak of the SEDs (in Fv) is typically at 60-100μm, corresponding to temperatures of around 50 K. At γ>100μm the emission observed by ISOPHOT is never dominated by the Herbig Ae/Be stars. The most likely sources of the far-infrared radiation are dust cores of about 1 arcminute in size. The dust cores are probably located in the vicinity of the stars, and may be related to the star forming process.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)965-982
Number of pages18
JournalAstronomy and Astrophysics
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 2000


  • ISM: Dust, extinction
  • ISM: clouds
  • Radio continuum: ISM
  • Stars: circumstellar matter
  • Stars: formation
  • Stars: pre-main sequence

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    Àbrahám, P., Leinert, C., Burkert, A., Henning, T., & Lemke, D. (2000). Far-infrared photometry and mapping of Herbig Ae/Be stars with ISO. Astronomy and Astrophysics, 354(3), 965-982.