Extension of the N=40 Island of Inversion towards N=50: Spectroscopy of Cr 66, Fe 70,72

C. Santamaria, C. Louchart, A. Obertelli, V. Werner, P. Doornenbal, F. Nowacki, G. Authelet, H. Baba, D. Calvet, F. Château, A. Corsi, A. Delbart, J. M. Gheller, A. Gillibert, T. Isobe, V. Lapoux, M. Matsushita, S. Momiyama, T. Motobayashi, M. NiikuraH. Otsu, C. Péron, A. Peyaud, E. C. Pollacco, J. Y. Roussé, H. Sakurai, M. Sasano, Y. Shiga, S. Takeuchi, R. Taniuchi, T. Uesaka, H. Wang, K. Yoneda, F. Browne, L. X. Chung, Zs Dombradi, S. Franchoo, F. Giacoppo, A. Gottardo, K. Hadynska-Klek, Z. Korkulu, S. Koyama, Y. Kubota, J. Lee, M. Lettmann, R. Lozeva, K. Matsui, T. Miyazaki, S. Nishimura, L. Olivier, S. Ota, Z. Patel, N. Pietralla, E. Sahin, C. Shand, P. A. Söderström, I. Stefan, D. Steppenbeck, T. Sumikama, D. Suzuki, Zs Vajta, J. Wu, Z. Xu

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We report on the measurement of the first 2+ and 4+ states of Cr66 and Fe70,72 via in-beam γ-ray spectroscopy. The nuclei of interest were produced by (p,2p) reactions at incident energies of 260 MeV/nucleon. The experiment was performed at the Radioactive Isotope Beam Factory, RIKEN, using the DALI 2γ-ray detector array and the novel MINOS device, a thick liquid hydrogen target combined with a vertex tracker. A low-energy plateau of 21+ and 41+ energies as a function of the neutron number was observed for N≥38 and N≥40 for even-even Cr and Fe isotopes, respectively. State-of-the-art shell model calculations with a modified Lenzi-Nowacki-Poves-Sieja (LNPS) interaction in the pfg9/2d5/2 valence space reproduce the observations. Interpretation within the shell model shows an extension of the island of inversion at N=40 for more neutron-rich isotopes towards N=50.

Original languageEnglish
Article number192501
JournalPhysical review letters
Issue number19
Publication statusPublished - Nov 3 2015

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    Santamaria, C., Louchart, C., Obertelli, A., Werner, V., Doornenbal, P., Nowacki, F., Authelet, G., Baba, H., Calvet, D., Château, F., Corsi, A., Delbart, A., Gheller, J. M., Gillibert, A., Isobe, T., Lapoux, V., Matsushita, M., Momiyama, S., Motobayashi, T., ... Xu, Z. (2015). Extension of the N=40 Island of Inversion towards N=50: Spectroscopy of Cr 66, Fe 70,72. Physical review letters, 115(19), [192501]. https://doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevLett.115.192501