Experimental gerontology in Hungary

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Gerontological research has some past and sporadically also some highlights in Hungary, but its present state can be easily deduced from the following data. During the last 12 years and more, well over 10,000 Hungarian scientific papers have been published in well-recognized national or international journals. Altogether approximately 1% of them have been classified as gerontological publications from Hungary. This low figure shows that gerontology has low priority and - unfortunately low support - in Hungary. This statement does not intend to downgrade Hungarian gerontologists, however points out that the Hungarian trends are not far from those of European or world wide interest in aging. Despite the recognition that we have to accept the inevitable fact that industrial societies will have (they already have) an aging population with all the social and medical problems arising, the focus of interest is wide from this significant and interesting (sub)population, which is neglected (sometimes even despised); yet everybody is absolutely eager to join this club. The average of the Hungarian research achievements and publication activities are among the better European achievements. There are some highlights and new trends even initiated by some outstanding Hungarian scientists, yet the overall weight of gerontology research is still an orphan in the Hungarian scientific life. We deal in this short and far from complete summary almost exclusively with experimental gerontology. We have to apologize if we have not included everybody, who also contributed even significantly to this field because the time for the preparation of this overview was short.

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