Hidrogén (H2) kilégzési vizsgálattal szerzett tapasztalataink.

Translated title of the contribution: Experience with hydrogen (H2) breath test

L. Herszényi, K. Miskolczi, E. Tolnay, L. Szalay, J. Fehér

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The authors applied regularly the hydrogen (H2) breath test during the medical investigations in patients with gastrointestinal symptoms. On the basis of the repeated examinations the hydrogen (H2) breath test is a sensitive, well repeatable method. After analysing of 108 examinations the authors have observed in 51.8% lactose intolerance, in 17.8% small intestinal bacterial overgrowth syndrome, in 46.4% motility disorders. The proportion of "low hydrogen producers" was 14.3%. Only 1/5 of patients with new diagnosed lactose intolerance had knowledge about the intolerance, and 10% was asymptomatic. In case of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth syndrome the repeated hydrogen (H2) test may indicate the effectivity of applied antibiotic therapy. The mean orocaecal transit time was 99 minutes and the normal range was 66-132 minutes, counted on the basis of mean +/- 2 SD. The authors suggest that the results support the important role of hydrogen (H2) breath test in the modern gastroenterological diagnostics.

Translated title of the contributionExperience with hydrogen (H2) breath test
Original languageHungarian
Pages (from-to)2483-2487
Number of pages5
JournalOrvosi hetilap
Issue number39
Publication statusPublished - Sep 27 1992

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