Excited states in 103Sn: Neutron single-particle energies with respect to 100Sn

C. Fahlander, M. Palacz, D. Rudolph, D. Sohler, J. Blomqvist, J. Kownacki, K. Lagergren, L. O. Norlin, J. Nyberg, A. Algora, C. Andreoiu, G. De Angelis, A. Ataç, D. Bazzacco, L. Berglund, T. Bäck, J. Cederkäll, B. Cederwall, Zs Dombradi, B. FantE. Farnea, A. Gadea, M. Górska, H. Grawe, N. Hashimoto-Saitoh, A. Johnson, A. Kerek, W. Klamra, S. M. Lenzi, A. Likar, M. Lipoglavšek, M. Moszyński, D. R. Napoli, C. Rossi-Alvarez, H. A. Roth, T. Saitoh, D. Seweryniak, Ö Skeppstedt, M. Weiszflog, M. Wolińska

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Gamma-ray lines from 103Sn have been identified for the first time using EUROBALL and ancillary detectors. The level scheme of 103Sn has been established by means of particle-gated γγ coincidences. The energy spacing between the g7/2 and d5/2 neutron single-particle orbitals is determined from the excited states in 103Sn.

Original languageEnglish
Article number021307
Pages (from-to)213071-213074
Number of pages4
JournalPhysical Review C - Nuclear Physics
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2001

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics

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    Fahlander, C., Palacz, M., Rudolph, D., Sohler, D., Blomqvist, J., Kownacki, J., Lagergren, K., Norlin, L. O., Nyberg, J., Algora, A., Andreoiu, C., De Angelis, G., Ataç, A., Bazzacco, D., Berglund, L., Bäck, T., Cederkäll, J., Cederwall, B., Dombradi, Z., ... Wolińska, M. (2001). Excited states in 103Sn: Neutron single-particle energies with respect to 100Sn. Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics, 63(2), 213071-213074. [021307].