Excitation of Li by fast (> 10 MeV/u) N7+ and Ar18+ projectiles

J. A. Tanis, J. Y. Chesnel, F. Frémont, D. Hennecart, X. Husson, D. Lecler, A. Cassimi, J. P. Grandin, B. Skogvall, M. Tschersich, B. Sulik, J. H. Bremer, M. Grether, N. Stolterfoht

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Single K-shell excitation and double-K-shell-vacancy production in atomic Li by fast N7+ (10.6 MeV/u) and Ar18+ (95 MeV/u) projectiles have been investigated. Auger electron emission, occurring in the energy range 50-100 eV and resulting from the deexcitation of singly-or doubly-K-shell excited states, respectively, was measured for various emission angles in the range 20°-160°. For incident Ar18+, high-resolution spectra were also obtained, thereby enabling the study of alignment effects for the specific Li configurations produced in the excitation process. In the case of double-K-shell-vacancy production, the two K vacancies are produced mainly by K-shell ionization plus K-shell excitation. Electron-electron effects are important in producing these latter double-K-shell-vacancy events, as well as three-electron transitions.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)381-383
Number of pages3
JournalPhysica Scripta T
Issue numberB
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 1999


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Tanis, J. A., Chesnel, J. Y., Frémont, F., Hennecart, D., Husson, X., Lecler, D., Cassimi, A., Grandin, J. P., Skogvall, B., Tschersich, M., Sulik, B., Bremer, J. H., Grether, M., & Stolterfoht, N. (1999). Excitation of Li by fast (> 10 MeV/u) N7+ and Ar18+ projectiles. Physica Scripta T, 80(B), 381-383.