Excitation functions of some (n,p) and (n,α) reactions from threshold to 16 MeV

R. Dóczi, V. Semkova, A. Fenyvesi, N. Yamamuro, Cs M. Buczkó, J. Csikai

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Precise cross sections were measured for the 90Zr(n,α)87mSr, 94Zr(n, α)91Sr, 92Mo(n, α)89m+gZr, 45Sc(n, α)42K, 51V(n, α)48Sc, 59Co(n, α)56Mn, 93Nb(n, α)90mY, 92Mo(n,p)92mNb, 96Mo(n,p)96Nb, 97Mo(n,p)97m+gNb, 90Zr(n,p)90mY, 91Zr(n,p)91mY, 92Zr(n,p)92Y, and 60Ni(n,p)60m+gCo reactions in the 7- to 14.7-MeV neutron energy range. Excitation functions were completed with a number of new differential data. Spectrum-averaged (n, α) and (n,p) cross sections were measured for the 54Fe(n, α)51Cr, 68Zn(n, α)65Ni, 27Al(n, α)24Na, 58Ni(n,p)58m+gCo, 64Zn(n,p)64Cu, 59Co(n,p)59Fe, 94Zr(n,p)94Y, 56Fe(n,p)56Mn, 46Ti(n,p)46m+gSc, 47Ti(n,p)47Sc, 48Ti(n,p)48Sc, and 62Ni(n, α)59Fe reactions in addition to those aforementioned using a thick target Be(d,n) neutron field at Ed = 9.72 MeV. Results were compared with the ENDF/B-VI, IRDF90, JENDL-3, BROND, JEF-2, CENDL-2, and ADL-3 data files and the SINCROS-II system for testing the validation of differential data and the nuclear model calculations.

Original languageEnglish
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Number of pages11
JournalNuclear Science and Engineering
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Jun 1998


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