Agydaganatok természetének vizsgálata nukleáris medicinai módszerekkel.

Translated title of the contribution: Evaluation of the nature of brain tumors using methods of nuclear medicine

E. Ambrus, A. Kuncz, G. Jánoki, E. Vörös, S. Szakáll, L. Balkay, M. Emri, L. Trón, M. Bodosi, L. Csernay, L. Pávics

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FDG-PET studies permit an assessment of the degree of brain tumour malignancy and detection of tumour recurrence. MIBI-SPECT also affords promising results in this respect. In this work, the diagnostic value of MIBI-SPECT was compared with that of FDG-PET for the determination of primary brain tumours malignancy and the detection of recurrent brain tumours. SPECT and PET examination were carried out within a week in 14 patients (12 males, 2 females, mean age: 40 years, range 16-61 years) with brain tumours. Seven patients had a primary tumour, and in a further 7 MRI or the clinical signs and symptoms let to a suspicion of tumour recurrence. All tumours were verified histologically to be gliomas of grades I-IV. The SPECT and PET images were analysed visually and semiquantitatively. In 3 of the investigated 7 primary glioma patients, there was a visibly enhanced MIBI-positive cases, only one had an increased FDG uptake. In 4 of the 7 tumour recurrence cases, either the MIBI or the FDG uptake was visibly increased. All of these were histologically high-grade gliomas. In the remaining low grade tumours (primary of recurrent), neither MIBI nor FDG revealed a pathologically increased uptake. The intensity of radiopharmaceutical uptake at the site of the tumours was visually and semiquantitatively higher for MIBI that for FDG. It is concluded that MIBI-SPECT is a valuable and simple tool for evaluation of the biological characteristics of brain tumours, showing increased uptake of MIBI according to the malignancy and tumour recurrence of brain tumours.

Original languageHungarian
Pages (from-to)1979-1983
Number of pages5
JournalOrvosi hetilap
Issue number36
Publication statusPublished - Sep 5 1999


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