Equilibrium relations of alpha-aminoacid mixed complexes of transition metal ions

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pH-metric equilibrium studies were carried out on the parent complexes and, in every possible pairing, the mixed complexes of glycine, alanine, alpha-aminobutyric acid, norvaline, serine, threonine, phenylalanine and tyrosine with copper(II). In the case of nickel(II) the above ligands were again used, and in addition norleucine. Studies on the cobalt(II) parent and mixed complexes were made with the ligands glycine, norvaline, phenylalanine and tyrosine. The stabilities of the mixed complexes of the ratio 1:1:1 correspond generally to the statistical case. The little stability increase observed mainly in the case of copper(II)-aliphatic-aromatic aminoacid mixed complexes was interpreted by back-coordination. Mixed complexes of copper(II) containing glycine and another aliphatic aminoacid are less stable than those formed by other kinds of aliphatic aminoacids.

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