Epigenetic effects of dietary butyrate on hepatic histone acetylation and enzymes of biotransformation in chicken

Gábor Mátis, Zsuzsanna Neogrády, György Csikó, Péter Gálfi, Hedvig Fébel, Katalin Jemnitz, Zsuzsanna Veres, Anna Kulcsár, Ákos Kenéz, Korinna Huber

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The aim of the study was to investigate the in vivo epigenetic influences of dietary butyrate supplementation on the acetylation state of core histones and the activity of drug-metabolising microsomal cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzymes in the liver of broiler chickens in the starter period. One-day-old Ross 308 broilers were fed a starter diet without or with sodium butyrate (1.5 g/kg feed) for 21 days. After slaughtering, nucleus and microsome fractions were isolated from the exsanguinated liver by multi-step differential centrifugation. Histone acetylation level was detected from hepatocyte nuclei by Western blotting, while microsomal CYP activity was examined by specific enzyme assays. Hyperacetylation of hepatic histone H2A at lysine 5 was observed after butyrate supplementation, providing modifications in the epigenetic regulation of cell function. No significant changes could be found in the acetylation state of the other core histones at the acetylation sites examined. Furthermore, butyrate did not cause any changes in the drugmetabolising activity of hepatic microsomal CYP2H and CYP3A37 enzymes, which are mainly involved in the biotransformation of most xenobiotics in chicken. These data indicate that supplementation of the diet with butyrate probably does not have any pharmacokinetic interactions with simultaneously applied xenobiotics.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)477-490
Number of pages14
JournalActa veterinaria Hungarica
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 2013


  • Butyrate
  • chicken
  • cytochrome P450 enzymes
  • epigenetics
  • histone hyperacetylation

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