Environmental risks and impacts

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Environmental management of companies and land developers, environmental protection and natural conservation have the same task: balancing between production, human well-being and the health and diversity of the ecosystem. Typically the equilibrium position is different in these four categories. Companies focus on production and sale, their target is “sustainable development,'' which means an economic development limited by environmental claims. Environmental protection is based on a holistic approach: it aims at a balance between economic, environmental and social compartments. Nature conservation prioritizes the natural ecosystem. Spatial planning and land development give priority to socio-economic aspects, but include all three categories. In spite of the shifts in the equilibrium, managerial and engineering tools are similar for companies, the environment in general and natural environment under special protection. However, there are differences in scoping and quantifying risks and impacts. General steps of environmental management identify those hazards that affect the environment and its users. They measure environmental, economic and social risks and look for the most efficient management option and its implementation. The environmental management procedure should be supported by information and knowledge, well-prepared decision making, adequate handling of uncertainties and uniform verification tools. This chapter deals with definitions, concepts and methodologies which clarify scientific knowledge and tasks behind the management terms.

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