Enteroskopi av värde vid oklar tunntarmssjukdom: Chansen stor att hitta behandlingsbara tillstånd

Translated title of the contribution: Enteroscopy of value in obscure small bowel disease

Frans Thomas Fork, Ervin Tóth, Eva Lindström, Claes Henrik Florén

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Indications for enteroscopic examination of the proximal small bowel are expanding, above all in cases of gastro-intestinal bleeding of obscure origin. Of 66 patients examined enteroscopy revealed new and unforeseen diagnoses in about half of them, such as angiodysplasia and erosions (15 per cent of cases each). Former as well as ongoing bleeding was treated with electro cautery, bicap. In four cases the need for blood transfusion ceased. Ulcers, neoplasia and varices were also diagnosed. 16 out of 36 pathologic lesions were located within reach of an ordinary gastroscope, in spite of the patients being selected through repeated normal upper and lower endoscopic examinations. This emphasises the need for better quality assurance in routine endoscopie examinations.

Original languageSwedish
Pages (from-to)4972-4975
Number of pages4
Issue number45
Publication statusPublished - Nov 4 1998


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