Empirical Equations for Atomic Form Factor and Incoherent Scattering Functions

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An accurate fitting of linear combinations of exponential functions was carried out to Hubbell's tabulated data of atomic form factor and incoherent scattering functions of all (Z = 1-100) elements. The validity range of momentum transfer for form factor is varied from q1 = 0 Å-1 to q2 = 15 Å-1 and no limitation for the incoherent scattering function is required. The number of applied parameters is seven except for elements Z = 1-7 for the form factor. In order to achieve low deviations between Hubbell's data and fitted values, the range of q was divided into two and three parts. The average deviations are within 1-2%.

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JournalX-Ray Spectrometry
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