Electron microscopic and AES studies on thin layers of NiCr

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In order to understand the parameters affecting the properties of NiCr resistors prepared by various methods, the annealing properties of NiCr thin films were studied. TEM and electron diffraction were used to determine the structure of the films deposited onto SiOx coated microgrids, while electrical measurements and AES indepth profiling were carried out on the samples deposited under identical conditions onto silica substrates. The effect of a SiOx protective coating on the structural changes was investigated during high temperature annealing in vacuum. In the NiCr samples annealed without a protective layer the selective oxidation of chromium led to a rather metallic type of conduction, while in the protected samples the stabilization of the conduction was observed after the same annealing. By hindering oxidation and surface diffusion processes the protective layer resulted in the development of a more stable structure in the NiCr films.

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