Electromagnetic transition rate measurements in the N=80 isotone, 138Ce

T. Alharbi, P. J.R. Mason, P. H. Regan, N. Mrginean, Zs Podolyák, A. Algora, N. Alazemi, A. M. Bruce, R. Britton, M. R. Bunce, D. Bucurescu, N. Cooper, D. Deleanu, D. Filipescu, W. Gelletly, D. Ghit, T. Glodariu, G. Ilie, S. Kisyov, J. LintottS. Lalkovski, S. Liddick, C. Mihai, K. Mulholland, R. Mrginean, A. Negret, M. Nakhostin, O. J. Roberts, S. Rice, J. F. Smith, L. Stroe, T. Sava, C. Townsley, E. Wilson, V. Werner, M. Zhekova, N. V. Zamfir

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A study of intrinsic state halflife measurements in the N=80 nucleus 138Ce has been made using the 130Te(12C,4n) 138Ce fusion evaporation reaction at beam energy of 56 MeV. The fast-timing gamma-ray coincidence method was used with a mixed LaBr 3(Ce)-HPGe array to establish the lifetimes of the yrast 6 + state at 2294 keV, the Iπ=5- state at 2218 keV, the Iπ=11+ state at 3943 keV and the 14 + state at that at 5312 keV, all of which are in the sub nanosecond regime. Reduced transition probabilities have been calculated for the electromagnetic decays from these states.

Original languageEnglish
Article number012057
JournalJournal of Physics: Conference Series
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2012
EventRutherford Centennial Conference on Nuclear Physics - Manchester, United Kingdom
Duration: Aug 8 2011Aug 12 2011


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Alharbi, T., Mason, P. J. R., Regan, P. H., Mrginean, N., Podolyák, Z., Algora, A., Alazemi, N., Bruce, A. M., Britton, R., Bunce, M. R., Bucurescu, D., Cooper, N., Deleanu, D., Filipescu, D., Gelletly, W., Ghit, D., Glodariu, T., Ilie, G., Kisyov, S., ... Zamfir, N. V. (2012). Electromagnetic transition rate measurements in the N=80 isotone, 138Ce. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 381(1), [012057]. https://doi.org/10.1088/1742-6596/381/1/012057