Electrochemical experimental study for the characterization of tetraferrocenyl-cavitand, synthetized in click-reaction

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The electrochemical property of the new tetraferrocenyl-cavitand molecule was investigated in dimethyl formamide solvent using conventional and micro size platinum working electrodes. Quasi reversible redox character was found with one oxidation and one reduction wave of diffusion character. No electrode fouling could be observed. Different methods were used for determination of the diffusion coefficient of this species. In part of the measurements chronoamperometric measurements with microelectrode were carried out and evaluated according to the method introduced by Aoki and Osteryoung. Amperometric measurements with microelectrodes, as well as CV-s with conventional size electrode were also used in these studies.

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  • Ferrocenyl-cavitand
  • Supramolecular chemistry
  • Voltammetric behavior

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