Eimerian infection in the gut of the tube-nosed goby Proterorhinus marmoratus (Pallas) of the River Danube

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A mixed infection with two Eimeria species, E. credintsi Moshu, 1992 and E. marmorata n. sp., was found in the gut of the tube-nosed goby of the River Danube basin. Sporulated oocysts of E. credintsi and unsporulated and semisporulated oocysts of E. marmorata were found freely in the gut lumen. Sporocysts of E. credintsi open at the cap-like end, releasing sporozoites through a funnel-shaped opening. Sporocysts of E. marmorata open at the tapered end, forming a fissure alongside the suture reaching up to half the length of the sporocysts. In histological preparations, both species were found in the intestinal epithelium. Merogonic and sporogonic stages of E. credintsi and gamogonic and sporogonic stages of E. marmorata were detected in the epithelium of the anterior part of the gut.

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