Effects of the heat treatment in the properties of fibrous aerogel thermal insulation

Akos Lakatos, Attila Csik, Anton Trnik, Istvan Budai

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Nowadays, besides the use of conventional insulations (plastic foams and wool materials), aerogels are one of the most promising thermal in sulationmaterials. As one of the lightest solidmaterials available today, aerogels are manufactured through the combination of a polymer with a solvent, forming a gel. For buildings, the fiber-reinforced types are mainly used. In this paper, the changes both in the thermal performance and the material structure of the aerogel blanket are followed after thermal annealing. The samples are put under isothermal heat treatments at 70 C for weeks, as well as at higher temperatures (up to 210 C) for one day. The changes in the sorption properties that result from the annealing are presented. Furthermore, the changes in the thermal conductivity are followed by a Holometrix Lambda heat flow meter. The changes in the structure and surface of the material due to the heat treatment are investigated by X-ray diffraction and with scanning electron microscopy. Besides, the above-mentioned measurement results of differential scanning calorimetry experiments are also presented. As a result of using equipment from different laboratories that support each other, we found that the samples go through structural changes after undergoing thermal annealing. We manifested that the aerogel granules separate down from the glass fibers and grow up. This phenomenon might be responsible for the change in the thermal conductivity of the samples.

Original languageEnglish
Article number12102001
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2019


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